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"Our floor in Med. Sci. room 218 should be on display. It looks so wonderful!"

Donna Anderson, School of Medicine

"I have just moved back to Emerson from Wishard in December to the fifth floor. Just wanted you to know that the lady who does our floor does an excellent job; has a great attitude and is most helpful."

Michael Ney, Building Manager

"I appreciate Niraj and Joe being on-site and available for us so much during our construction project, and for answering all of our questions thoroughly and knowledgably.  It's no wonder that the project finished early without any problems.  I thought that it was important for you to know how satisfied I am with our experience with them, and I believe they should get kudos. Shall we do more construction?"

Holly A. Polites, Office of International Affairs

"I've already had a few compliments on the job that was done by the Building Services crew over break.  Thank you for all of your hard work, and your daily efforts to keep this building clean.  They are very much appreciated."

Adam Smith, IU School of Dentistry

"I have to let you know about the great job that Ricky Miller is doing.  Since the Graduate Office has moved from the 5th floor to 207, the heat/air has not really worked correctly.  Ricky comes by daily to check on the office/office staff.  He is working closely with Dan Anoskey to get the vendor to resolve our heating and air issues. Until that time, he stops in in our office first thing in the morning to make sure the heat is working before we get here.  He also stops in during the day to make any adjustments to the heat/air.  I truly appreciate what he does for us."

David Koerner, Graduate Office

"I just wanted to let you know what a great job Tony Schofield did recently here @ the Dental School/Grad Prosthodontic Lab (S301). He went above/beyond to figure out the problem/answer and actually re-make this lab bench drawer. Nobody else wanted to tackle the problem".Tony just jumped in/rolled his sleeves up and made it happen!! We truly appreciate his determination and professionalism."

Cindy Corbin, School of Dentistry 

"I want to thank the person that cleaned my area, and to my surprise this morning when I arrived at work, the ring that I thought I had lost was on my desk. Whoever cleaned my area, found my ring. I didn't even know where I lost it, and thought I would never see it again. It is a very expensive ring and I want to say how impressed I was that there are still good, kind, and very honest people like the person that cleaned my area and found the ring, and put it where I would spot it right away when I arrived this morning. Many thanks again, to that very honest person."

Alice Turner, IU School of Medicine Library

"I'm an adult learner just returning to IUPUI pursue a Masters in Nursing. I just wanted you to know I had a good experience with many different departments at IUPUI. I wish I could remember each person's name. I wasn't sure where to park but the meter maid (the person in the parking lot checking for permits) was very kind, offered me a map and told me where I could park. The parking garage attendant was friendly as I left the garage. I work for Columbus Regional Hospital where customer service is highly regarded and satisfaction is sought after. It's nice to see other companies placing such a high priority on customer satisfaction."

Sharon Taylor, MSN Student

"You guys are fast!  Thanks for the great service!"

Michelle Verduzco, Campus & Community Life

"Last Friday afternoon, I realized I was missing a cardboard box containing an expensive GPS device which I was fairly certain, on reflection, I had inadvertently dropped into the trash container on the 2nd floor of the North Street Garage that morning.  When I checked the trash container, it had been emptied.  That started a marathon which ended  2 ½ hours later with my finding the box, contents intact, in a  dumpster behind the Natatorium.  Needless to say, I was extremely relieved.  I am also extremely grateful to Sarah Gerke, Teri Dearmin, Rodney Bates and Phil Warren, without whose help my search would not have been successful.  These individuals went out of their way to help me and did so with a willingness I sincerely appreciate.  I thought you would like to know how well they represented their respective departments and the University."

Sharon Holland, Alumni Association/IUPUI Alumni Relations

"Just wanted you to know that I dealt with Darrin Rolland, CFS Key Shop, the other day in connection with the completion of the lactation room in the ET building.  He provided what I'd call great customer service."

Maggie Stimmings, IUPUI Human Resources

"Please express my appreciation for the good work that Scott Marlowe performed in Business/SPEA 3014 to repair the malfunctioning air conditioning. I am a part time faculty member and I was so impressed with his attitude and helpfulness. I even used him as an example of exemplary customer service in my class."

Dr. Vicki Mech-Hester, Kelley School of Business