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Project Gallery

CFS worked long and hard to plow streets, lots and sidewalks during the BIG January Snow!

Landscape Installation Eskanazi Hall

Zone 2 works to make Eskenazi Hall more beautiful.

Start of School Prep.

Zone 2 preparing the grounds around the Library for the start of school.

Spring Mower Prep

Spring isn't too far away! Zone 2's John Spindler begins preparing his lawn mower for use this season.

Library Table Project

Zone 2 Maintenance staff members, Jeremy Boner, Jimmy Murdock, John Spindler, Clay Collins and CJ Loney, install outdoor tables at University Library.

Zone 2 Installs "Jaguar"

Zone 2 staff install Jaguar in the University Library main entry lobby. Zone 2 staff included Jeremy Boner, Randy Mitchell and Jimmy Murdock. University Library Dean, David Lewis, and the artist, Tasha Lewis were also on hand to assist.

Cleaning Dumpster Enclosure

CFS Zone 2 maintenance staff members cleaning the dumpster enclosure at the Business/SPEA building service drive.

ET Mirrors

The ET restrooms were remodeled this past summer including new floors, new partitions, new counter tops and faucets. The one thing that was not included was the replacement of the mirrors. The old ones had the old soap dispenser and the bi-fold paper towel dispensers which we do not use any more. Zone 1 put in a project to replace these old mirrors and we installed them recently. The new look has complimented the other improvements to the restrooms. The building occupants seem to be pleased with the results.

SL Drinking Fountains

Zone 1 Maintenance replaced the drinking fountains in the SL building on all floors. The old ones were hard to get parts for and the walls behind them were being damaged by the water. Our plumbers Randy Smith and Matt Edwards tore out the old ones and Tony Schofield made the stainless steel backing. Then we installed new drinking fountains. The occupants of the building have been very pleased with the results.

Medical Library Refurbishment

Zone 3 replaced the entire ceiling system on the Medical Research & Library 5th floor corridor and refinished the walls.

Hine Hall Restroom

Cleaning Project - Before and After Pictures of Restrooms in Hine Hall